Welcome to the cheap and reliable valet parking directly next to Munich Airport.Our friendly team guarantees worry-free parking, and a hassle free transfer to the terminals of Munich Airport and back. With us is no key delivery necessary and the vehicle not vice parked in your absence.

  • High-quality underground parking spaces
  • Air-conditioned and modern shuttle buses
  • Max. 7 Min. Transfer time from the car park to the terminals
  • Free child seats available for all ages
  • We are happy to assist you with your luggage
  • Vehicle starting aid in an emergency
Fully fenced area
Paved, tarred and marked
No puddling on the floor
No contamination by dirt
Safe fenced parking
illuminated at night

You meet with your car at least 2 hours before departure at the parking area. Our staff can have its transfer your luggage to help and go to the air-conditioned shuttle bus to Munich Airport.

Transfer time a maximum of 7 minutes from our parking lot to the terminal. At the desired terminal your luggage is unloaded. Even contact relaxed on your flight.

Once you have passed the baggage claim area, give us a call at our employees, who then pick up within a few minutes from the arrivals terminal. We invite your luggage and proceed to our air conditioned shuttle buses to our parking area, directly to your car.

In addition, not fenced parking
in Lilienthalstr. 19-21 (right on the customs office with increased police presence) available