Terms of Service:

1. scope
The terms and conditions apply exclusively for the rental of a parking space at the premises, for the free transport to Munich Airport and the transport back to the premises and all reserved by the customer additional services. Different services can find no authority except them from Richter & Schleicher GbR (Icarus Parking) be approved in writing and accepted.

2. Conclusion
done with the request by the customer, this may person, by email, or by telephone and subsequent confirmation by the judge & Schleicher GbR (Icarus Parking) no later than when driving the curtilage, comes between the Richter & Schleicher GbR ( Icarus parking) and the customer under the conditions mentioned in a contract is closed. The contract ends after returning and the extension of the company’s premises.
Bulky (as bicycles, surfboards, animal boxes) have indicated mandatory upon reservation and of the Richter & Schleicher GbR (Icarus Parking) be approved. Without this, the judge can & Schleicher GbR (Icarus Parking) does not take the shuttle transfer. The customer therefore undertakes to check in the bulky goods themselves and at their own expense at the airport.

3. Fee and payment
The parking fee is determined by the accessible on the Internet at Ikarus-Parken.de pricing table. The customer is obliged to fully pay the applicable and agreed prices to the Fa. Richter & Schleicher GbR (Icarus Parking) at the latest after arriving back at the premises in cash. Should an invoice be required, this must be reported to the reservation. Prices are always incl. The currently applicable rate. A refund in case of early termination of the contract does not exist. The transportation of more than five people is a surcharge per person calculated can be found in the price table.

4. Revocation / Cancellation
The Fa. Richter & Schleicher GbR grants the tenant a every timely withdrawal.
Free Cancellation / revocation must be in writing (email / letter) at least 24 hours before the agreed arrival at the premises of Richter & Schleicher GbR (Icarus Parking).
Cancellations less than 24 hours before the agreed arrival at the premises, the Richter & Schleicher GbR reserves (Icarus Parking) the right to a processing fee of 10, – EUR to raise.
If no revocation / cancellation in writing is available (email / letter) the agreed remuneration for the rental payable completely and without deduction.

5. liability
Driving, stopping and parking on the premises of Icarus Parking is entirely at the customer’s own risk.
The Richter & Schleicher GbR assumes no liability for damages caused by unauthorized acts of third parties (for example, burglary, theft, damage, vandalism, etc) or force majeure (for example, bad weather, storm, hail, etc.). For persons and property occurring in debt on the premises, in conducted shuttle transport when entering or leaving etc. by the customer or a third party, accepts the judges § Schleicher GbR no liability.
A liability for late arrival at the premises or late arrival at the departure terminal by customer negligence or by force majeure (accident, severe weather, road closures, etc.) is in principle excluded from Richter & Schleicher GbR. No liability is assumed by damage and loss of baggage caused by the customer self-inflicted or by third parties.
Basically, the tenant is liable for technical defects and damage to your own vehicle, leading to contamination of the premises. The tenant such damages committed immediately and to report without being asked before leaving the site personnel.

6. Airport Shuttle
The transport of passengers and luggage to the Munich airport and back to the premises is part of the lease and a free service of Icarus Parking. The Richter & Schleicher GbR is offering strives individual journeys, but reserves for organizational reasons prior collective transports.
Here, with a waiting time of max. 25 minutes is expected. The customer agrees to this provision explicitly.

7. behavior on the premises
On the premises, the regular traffic regulations apply (Highway Code)
The vehicle driver and his companions undertake to comply with these regulations. The vehicle driver confirms that he is in possession of a valid driver’s license, and the vehicle has a statutory insurance coverage.
The customer is not allowed on the premises to make repairs on the vehicle, drain oils, fuels or polluting fluids.

8. Privacy Policy
By sending the reservation- and booking form the customer data in the internal computer system of Richter & Schleicher GbR are stored. The tenant declares his express consent.
The incoming data will be kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties.

Richter & Schleicher GbR
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86706 Weichering
Email: mail@ikarus-parken.de
Homepage: Ikarus-Parken.de
Tel. 0173/8552263

Stand: Jul 2011