Dear Customers,

On this page the most frequently asked questions from your Icarus Parking Team answers:

1.) How do I book?
When Icarus – You can park online or via telephone book under the mobile number 0173/8552263.

2.) How long can I book?
Online, you can always book to about 8 hours prior to arrival to our parking area.
Phone service for you like 06:00 to 22:00.

3.) How do I find the best parking area?
On our website there is a map and additional directions it leads to our parking area.
In addition, the parking area of Icarus – Parking adequately signposted.

4.) When should I arrive at the parking area?
You should at least 2 hours before departure at the parking area of Icarus – arrive Parking.

5.) What happens after arrival at the parking area?
Our employees load your luggage and take you as soon as possible to your departure terminal.

6.) What is bulky luggage?
For bulky luggage is one example: golf equipment, surfboard, diving equipment, etc.
Please read our information for bulky luggage or ask directly to Munich Airport or your airline.

7) What if I have bulky luggage I do?
Then you should check the bulky luggage directly at Munich Airport and only after the parking area of Icarus – ride parking.
The bulky luggage is only brought by the park area to the airport when writing by Icarus – has been confirmed team – Parking.
The bulky baggage desk is located: in the MAC layer 03, open daily from 4.00 am until the last arrival at Terminal 2 on the left and right directly adjacent to the check-in counters in level 03 and 04, open daily 3:00 to 23:00
The check-in times for oversize baggage of the individual airlines may vary. Information and the permitted baggage allowance and the excess baggage charges, please contact your airline.

8) Animals traveling with?
Animals are treated in this case as bulky baggage. We ask this as described above before checking in at Munich Airport.
Please ask before starting your trip, make sure your animal according to the latest travel requirements!
Detailed information is available at the veterinary veterinary office at Munich Airport.
daily from 8-18 pm; Phone: 0 89 / 975-9 03 90

9) What happens after business – or pleasure After passing the baggage claim area at Munich airport please contact by phone with our employees. You will soon be picked up from your arrival terminal.

10) When should I pay?
Payment is made in cash after arriving back to our parking area.

11) Can an invoice be issued?
Of course, we can issue an invoice upon request.

12) Icarus’ How long – Parking team working for you?
The Icarus – Parking Team is from 03:30 until the last flight on duty for you.

Dear Customers,
Should you have any further questions to us, we are of course help and advice available. You can call us at the phone number: 0173/8552263 or reach us at any time via e-mail contact with