Pregnant fly? No problem, but wisely!
Tips for stress-free flying
Soon it’s over with the togetherness. Many couples in happy anticipation to take the opportunity to travel again. By train, boat or car no problem. But by plane? Threatening the unborn child and the expectant mother health problems during a flight?

Expert opinion on pregnancy and fly there are so many such planes in the sky over Frankfurt / Main. They range from utter ban and the greatest possible risk through to absolute safety. Flying in pregnancy usually presents but is no increased health risk for pregnant women and the unborn child. Nevertheless, there are limitations that brings the transport plane for pregnant women with and the need to be considered.
When allowed to fly pregnant?
The most important requirement for all who want to get pregnant fly, is the pregnant woman should be healthy in any case, extend the pregnancy normal and without complications. Just the physical stress by flying, especially during takeoff and landing, require a healthy physical condition.
Restrictions must be made in pregnant women who are prone to miscarriage or premature births, have cardiovascular ailments, smoke or suffer from anemia. Only a doctor can decide in these cases, if pregnant Flying is fit to represent. Pregnant women with acute fear of flying should seek medical advice before.

In which months of pregnancy can you fly?
As travel time most doctors recommend the middle third of pregnancy. In the first three months of pregnancy should however not climb Aircraft, the embryo is in a sensitive stage of development, is not yet formed and correspondingly sensitive. For the last months of pregnancy, there is no specific recommendation. Here, it depends on one’s own feelings. With doubts about the airworthiness should consult a doctor in any case. A medical certificate is moreover necessary if the due date is within just 8 weeks. Then there are most airlines. With certificate Pregnant be transported in the aircraft without restrictions. Although so far all babies born at Lufthansa Airborne arrived safe and sound to the world, it is better to steer clear of the aircraft in the last weeks of pregnancy. The risk of premature birth or miscarriage increases otherwise considerably.

Which flight time is harmless?
Regarding the flight time, there is a general agreement. While short flight times are considered safe, increase long-haul flights the health risk. In pregnant women, the fly, the risk of thrombosis, the formation of a blood clot increases sharply. The narrowness and the lack of movement possibilities favoring this yet.

Is there a risk of radiation exposure?
On short-haul flights need Pregnant fear no radiation exposure. In long-haul intercontinental flights this is something different. Especially when flying across the North Atlantic, you have to reckon with an increased radiation exposure. This is not harmful according to the experts for the unborn child. Smoking, whether active or passive, is seen as far more dangerous. Only frequent flyers should consult a doctor to clarify any health hazards caused by the increased radiation exposure.

Pregnant fly – tips for a relaxing flight
You should prepare quietly and conscientiously on your trip. Start rested in your holiday. This prevents stress on the day of travel and makes you less susceptible to motion sickness.

Inform time your airline that you are flying pregnant. This is especially important if you want to still flying in the final weeks of pregnancy.

Ask your airline for a place in front of the emergency exit, or at least on the floor. There you can make the legs long, stretch and engage the muscles in the legs. In addition, you do not sit so concentrated.

Although they are not particularly beautiful, wear in pregnancy when flying thrombosis stockings. The risk of blood clots in the legs is reduced.

If you have the need for it, take advantage of every opportunity to get up and walk around. At least when the stewardesses serve food or threatens turbulence, you must return to your place again.

Drink plenty during the flight that will improve your general health and promotes blood circulation.

If possible, fly at night. Time goes fast asleep for longer flights. In addition, avoid pregnant nausea if you can not recognize when flying at night the horizon.

Have a good flight and a nice journey! Your Icarus Parking Team