Bulky luggage switch
find shortcut in MAC level 03, open daily from 4.00 am until the last arrival.
In Terminal 2, the left and right directly adjacent to the check-in counters in level 03 and 04, open daily 3:00 to 23:00

The check-in times for oversize baggage of the individual airlines may vary. Information and the permitted baggage allowance and the excess baggage charges, please contact your

Animals on holiday!
Make your animal fit for the trip!

Please ask before starting your trip, make sure your animal according to the latest travel requirements!

Detailed information is available from the
veterinary Veterinary office at Munich Airport.
daily 08-18 pm; Phone: 0 89 / 975-9 03 90

Additional information can be found in two information brochures issued by the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection and the Erding District Administration Office.