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VAT refund
Passengers residing outside of an EU country can get a refund on exports to the VAT on domestically procured goods.

Where are the customs offices in Terminal 1?:
Area B, Level 04, open from 6 am – 22:00
Area F, switch port 3 hours before departure (Note: the range F disembarking obtain export certificate only in this area)

In Terminal 2:
Export Office, Level 04 for goods in checked baggage, open 6 – 22:00
Export Office, Level 05 – South for goods in hand luggage, open 6 – 22:00
What should be noted in respect of customs?
The export certificate may be granted only if you present your goods to be exported, your passport or other border crossing documents, you dated for the day ticket and your export documents, such as submit accounting or tax-free checks.

Arrival: Please note:
Their export documents must be provided with your name and address!
If the export certificate distributed before or after check-in?
Here is to distinguish whether your departure takes place at Terminal 1 or Terminal. 2

Terminal 1:
Let your checked baggage with the product which is intended for export, initially provided at the counter of the airline with a luggage tag. Then run this baggage to the customs to issue export certificates in Level 04. For goods that you carry in your hand luggage, there the export certificate is also issued.

Terminal 2:
Let your checked baggage with the product which is intended for export, initially provided at the counter of the airline with a luggage tag. Then run this baggage to the customs to issue export certificates in Level 04. For goods that you carry in your hand luggage, the export certificate shall be issued in the plane 05th
After passport control you get to customs control. There you have to choose the output for the red (notifiable goods) or green (registration-free goods).
Registration Free and certifiable goods
Signs notifying free and certifiable goods
If you come from an EU Member State or cause no more than the permitted free quantities involved, use at customs control the Greens Ausgang.Führen more than the permitted free quantities, use the red exit and declare the goods at the customs.

Note: Please note that for commercial or for industrial use certain products, regardless of their value, always to sign. This also applies to goods which restricted and prohibited (for example, narcotics, weapons, ammunition, species protected animals and plants, parts thereof, and goods made therefrom).

Tax-free goods
Royalty Free are goods that you occasionally and run solely for personal use or consumption, for your household or as a gift in your personal luggage (travel souvenirs). Please note the following quantity and value limits in air traffic:
Tobacco (persons over 17 years)
a) 200 cigarettes or
b) 100 cigarillos or
c) 50 cigars or
d) 250 grams of smoking tobacco, or
e) a proportionate combination of these goods
Alcohol and alcoholic beverages (people over 17 years)
a) a liter of alcohol and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content
of more than 22 volume percent or undenatured ethyl
Alcohol content of 80 percent by volume or more, or two liters of alcohol
and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 22
Volume or a proportionate combination of these goods,
b) four liters of still wine and
c) 16 liters of beer
The corresponding to the personal needs of the traveler crowd.
Others were
Up to a value of 430 Euro. For travelers under 15
Years applies a separate value of goods in the amount of 175.- Euro.
Not duty free
An indivisible goods (for example, a jewelry or clothing), whose value exceeds the value limits indicated. The import duties are applicable not only for the the allowance value exceeding share, but from the full value.
All arrangements are valid only when prohibitions and restrictions in the movement of goods across the border on imports not preclude.

No duty exemption: Strongly agree on goods that enter by their nature or amount of the customs a clue that they are being imported for commercial reasons.

Another tip:
Although the Canary Islands and the French overseas departments and the Channel Islands are part of the customs territory of the European Union, but not to the control area of excise duties and VAT. Therefore, you are allowed to bring goods from these areas only under the above-mentioned quantity and value limits duty-free. This also applies to goods you untaxed in the EU in a duty free shop or on board a transport operation effected within the EU aircraft or purchased relieved of taxes.
The European Union (EU) is growing
On May 01, 2004 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus as new member states received worden.Für the candidate countries is considered – as for all other EU countries, – from this date European law (the so-called European acquis or acquis communautaire). In some areas, however, transition periods are provided. These include certain provisions of the customs and excise law. What these are, and what that means for you, please click here: indicative quantities for personal use on the import of goods from EU Member States.
The following quantities remain duty-free without evidence when they are imported from a Member State of the EU for private purposes, even after Germany. For larger quantities to provide proof of private use must be provided.
Indicative quantities for personal use
Tobacco (* 1) ;:
Cigarettes 800 items
Cigarillos (maximum weight 3g / each) 400 items
Cigars 200 pieces
Smoking tobacco 1 kg * 1; Besides Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The force for those countries from 1 May 2004 for Tobacco-free allowance, refer to the next table.

Alcoholic drinks:
Spirit drinks 10 l
Intermediate products (for example, liqueur wine, vermouth) 20 liters
Wine (including a maximum of 60 liters of sparkling wines) 90 l
110 liters of beer
Free allowances for tobacco products in travel from the new EU member states
(Excluding Cyprus and Malta) after 1 May 2004Soweit no amounts listed in columns 4 to 6, the indicative quantities are listed for the personal needs such as in the preceding table. About the allowances exceeding amounts are taxable and are ensured.

Long-distance travelers
country cigarettes
* Save time * cigars cigarillos * tobacco * period
Piece piece piece grams (Sp. 4-6)
Estonia 200 31.12.09 250 31.12.09
Latvia 200 31.12.09
Lithuania 200 31.12.09

Residents of border communities **, *** frontier workers and commuters ****
country cigarettes
* Save time * cigars cigarillos * tobacco * period
Piece piece piece grams (Sp. 4-6)
Estonia 40 31.12.09 50 31.12.09
Latvia 40 31.12.09
Lithuania 40 31.12.09

* It must be taken in each case only one of the mentioned in columns 2 and 4 to 6 free allowances to complete. ** Communities that lie wholly or partly within a 15 km wide strip along the border are considered close to the border (crow). The free amounts listed are for residents of such communities, if the border crossing takes place at a location which is less than 15 kilometers as the crow flies from her home town and also has not brought out their travel over a distance of 15 kilometers as the crow to the place of entry. ** * persons who enter the course of his business (Regulation (EEC) No. 918/93 of 28/03/83, as amended) **** persons professionally or are here on business used means of transport or on land, air or water vehicles are public authorities or as a companion to travel companies or the like active and usually enter more than once per calendar month in that capacity.
Clothing, bags, watches, cosmetics, merchandise, spare parts and other goods from renowned manufacturers are often offered in the holiday country to Billigstpreisen. It is, however, usually only apparent bargains. Instead of the coveted branded illegal and produced poor quality copies are frequently offered. Such goods are allowed only in small amounts and only for their own use, in all other cases, the goods are seized and confiscated. For more information, please contact the customs services.
cash controls
Travel across the external borders of the European Union (EU):
When traveling in countries that are outside the EU and at the entry of these countries carried cash (for example, cash, stocks, checks, coupons) the Customs shall be notified in writing from a total value of 10,000 euros. A form can be obtained from any customs office or on the Internet at

Traveling within the European Union (EU):
When traveling to countries within the EU entrained cash and equivalent means of payment (for example, shares, coupons, precious metals and stones) from a total value of EUR 10,000 must be reported orally when you are prompted.
To protect the endangered wildlife advises customs – especially when traveling to exotic countries – to renounce living holiday souvenirs and products from plants and animals! Even coral fragments, shells of giant clams, housing of queen conches and other typical distance travel souvenirs falls under the protection of species! The fact that certain goods are offered to the public at stands or in reputable shops, is no indication that this is not a protected species!

Beware of “hawkers”
Hawkers “who want to convince vacationers assume that a particular animal, a plant or product has not artgeschützt, one must not believe! Often they only want to sell their goods! The trade in protected animals and plants, parts thereof or goods it is either completely prohibited or only under certain conditions possible. the infringements are strictly followed, and the party must reckon besides the confiscation of copies with heavy fines or even penalties.
More information is available at the following link:
Stricter import regulations
Stricter rules governing imports of meat and milk in tourist traffic and in KleinsendungenSeit 1.01.2003 stricter rules on imports of meat, milk and derived products for personal use and consumption in the EU. The measure, which applies throughout the EU is to prevent the introduction of animal diseases, particularly foot-and-mouth disease and swine fever, directed.
Veterinary legal requirements
The O.A. Goods may be imported only in travel or in small packages, if certain conditions are respected. The previously applicable facilitated conditions for importation of these products acc. Paragraph 39 para. 1 no. 3, 4 literally. 4a and b and no. 4 of the Internal Market Organisation for Animal Health Protection Ordinance are thereby overridden (so-called “1 kg limit”). If meat, milk and products thereof such as imported cheese or charcuterie privately including canned, these products have the same veterinary requirements as commercial consignments. That is, Travelers perform such products be allowed only on certain input locations where a veterinarian is present to enter. In addition, the products should be accompanied by official health certificates of the country of origin.
Excluded from the new rules are products coming from Andorra, Bulgaria, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Romania, San Marino and Cyprus (Turkish part).
Excluded are beyond infant formula and medically required diet foods in unopened sales packaging. Also fish and products of fish and
Foods that contain milk or cream (for example, toffee, chocolate or biscuits), many of the new rules not betroffen.Entsprechen the goods are not the import conditions, the consignments are rejected by the inch. You then have to be disposed of on the spot.

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